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What a creative solution Sara! Thanks for being your guest!! Testing on chrome. Många helsingar Mario


Hilow from Ireland! I gotta put a guestbook on my own pages at some point lol

Tyler Sticka

Greetings from Oregon! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your content: Your friendly vibe and genuine enthusiasm is such a wonderful complement to what is clearly a deep devotion to the craft of web design and development. Have a wonderful day!


Hey, it’s starshaped from Mastodon! It has probably been about 20 years since I signed a guestbook so here I am, saying hello while I eat dinner and catch up on Mastodon :D I don’t remember what I used to post in guestbooks back in the day, but hi! Hope you had a good day!


Hello from Springfield, Oregon, home of The Simpsons - and also a lot of famous runners for some reason! I enjoy guest books, I'd like to figure out how to get one on my website (currently hosted by so might not be possible, we'll see). Your site is really fun! :)


I have not written into a guestbook for YEARS!

Alistair Shepherd

Hey Sara! I’m thinking to start a band called HTML Encoder. Do you know where I can buy a guitar &​amp​;?


Helloooo <dancing_baby.gif>


Moose-tidings from the Frozen North 👋🏻 Looks like you got quite a few guests saying *Hello*

Daniel Schildt

Your writings and shared wisdom brings joy to the world. Keep the good things happening. ☺️

Philip Zastrow

Hello from Ohio! Sara, I have really enjoyed following you on Mastodon and our interactions there. Your Weak Notes are inspiring me on ways to write more. First, for myself and then sharing it on the Open Web. Cheers!


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My recurring thought is that if we can lower the barrier to folks making their own sites then more folks will spend more time being creative and will be less angry as a result Your site is an amazing inspiration of what can be done simply great work

Andy Piper

Lovely to see a guestbook! Hello from London, UK. I may also need to borrow your concept of "weaknotes", since my blogging and newsletter habits have fallen into such disuse.

Matt Stein

Thrilled to leave a note on your internet webpage!

Internet Wanderer

Hi from Kathmandu, Nepal!


YESSS BRING BACK GUESTBOOKS how I've missed these 🥲 thank you

Chris Burnell

Absolutely love your website! It's a real joy to browse and read, pun ~not~ intended! Reading about how you've built the various bits and pieces (the sticky navigation in particular is so slick!) has been super enlightening, and I’m looking forward to seeing the next Weak Note pop up in my RSS Reader—what a great concept! :D I might have to try something like them myself. All the best, and long live the guestbook!


heyo! checking you out from canada!


Super fun website! I love the minimalism with a healthy Color palette. Also, considering a guestbook for my site now. Great idea!

felix waller

This is such a well thought out and fun site, and I love the minimalist version complementing it!

David Palmer

Giving the visitor control of the background is very cool. I don't think I've ever seen that before.

Chris DeLuca

Really enjoying the site design. Have only explored on my phone but the scrolling through sections that “attach” to the top is a nice touch, and performance is smooth! Not always easy with scroll stuff.


Hi! Just found your site via a boost on Mastodon (! Love the cool, creative vibe here! Just subscribed to your RSS, looking forward to reading more from you in the future!

Mark Katerberg

Love the site and the "now" page. You're an inspiration to care about the pretty things and make the things I work on slightly less than horribly ugly. Thanks for making the web a nicer place.

David Palmer

"Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise." Mac, F. (1977), The Chain, Rumours, [Vinyl]. United States, Warner Records.


Thank you for helping me brainstorm guestbook related ideas. If I end up with a guestbook on my site is because of to the conversation with you. Keep being awesome.

Elly Loel

Ah! Yes yes yes, I absolutely love guestbooks 🎉 Also love your site, best of luck with the minimalising, refactoring and silly-ifying!


beep boop!

Marina Wottschal


Sarah (11918) Rainsberger

Great site! It's so fun! I love your section for "thorts" and reclaiming micro-blogging. You've made a fun little corner of the web! 🚀

Tyler Mumford

It's great to see another front-end developer having fun and doing awesome things on the web! You're one of my favorite people to follow on Mastodon, too. I love the section of tech logos on your site, and the word "Scwerpunkt." 🙂


Cool tabbed design you’ve got going on! Many web greetings from this Dutchie 👋

Linus Bohman

Yikes, I might've sent you an e-mail instead of signed your guestbook? Regardless, love that you revived the guestbook concept - it's so nostalgic to me. I also appreciated the honest reflections on how you became a developer. We need more of that on the web. Keep doing awesome stuff!


Moin Sara’s guestbook 🤘

The Web Glowworm

I have been sleeping since 1999 when back then I would leave my glowing messages across many a guestbook on a then young web. Today I've woken up to a glorious renaissance of a time that makes me glow strong and puts a smile on my chubby cheeks - thank you for having a guest book. I now leave you in search of more guestbooks to leave my mark as I continue to crawl around the web. With love, - The Web Glowworm


This is so nostalgic! Love the site!


Yayyyy! Guestbook! Amazing work getting this going so quickly!

henry ✷

omg what a site! the CSS art! the sticky tab layout! wonderful, @sarajw — thanks for adding your site [to]. (Reproduced with permission from GitHub)


nice site :D


Generalists ftw! Enjoy the throwback guestbook, remember eBay reviews? would navigate to again A+++++++ quick shipping nice beanie baby

Xan Surnamehere

Nice website! Found it from your tweet from October about buying the domain from Porkbun (which is a great registrar)


Dear Sara, we met only recently on Mastodon thanks to the kerfuffles of a certain billionaire. Happy we did, I really enjoy what you write and create. Case in point: this very guestbook here – how cool is that <3 <3 <3 Here's to keeping the spirit of the web alive and well!


Cool, a guestbook! This is rad. Takes me back. I'm old enough to remember everyone using them in the 90s on their personal sites. Why'd we stop? Love it. 😀


OMG.lolving your site. Awesome work. Adding your blog to my RSS now.


Love the site - and really enjoyed reading your "Senior Generalist" post - well done! :)


1337 h4x0r!!!!

Robb Knight

Hello Sara!