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Short Thorts in an informal font over a colourful paint splash background

Short Thorts

Shought Thoughts from the jelly between Sara's ears.

Tired Kids

My kids:
“I don’t need to rest! I don’t need to rest! I don’t need to rest!”
…and then promptly fall asleep.

“I need to rest! I need to rest! I need to rest!”
…and then stay up for too long every evening.


I am a largely neurotypical cis woman, in a happy monogamous hetero marriage, I use she/her pronouns - and I also really love bright colours and rainbows and human rights and dignity for everyone.

I can come across as LGBTQ+ and while that’s totally fine with me, I’m just one of the vast majority of cishet normos who deeply dislike any hate on our fellow humans, for just being who they are.



👍 enjoying the comfort of a big cosy cardigan worn over loose dungarees

👎 having to remove the warm cardigan when needing to use the chilly bathroom

Base-12 Fingers

I wish humans had 12 fingers. ‘Digital’ (or ‘Decimal’) would then be base-12. I wonder what the two extra characters would have looked like.

Developing Developer

I’ve just decided that the term ‘developer’ does not only refer to my working output, but also to myself. I am developing.

The many definitions of development are all about growth, change, realisations, processes, renewal, improvement, advancements in skills/ability/quality…

To be an effective developer in a field which is constantly changing, we have to keep developing ourselves to keep up with it.

As if the code and the people are all part of the same ongoing process of development.


Suddenly I’m feeling full of what-ifs but you know what NO I’m a fully rounded interesting person who has had lots of interesting experiences and I love my family and home and I’m here NOW and that’s all that matters

Little Lives Limerick

When your children are young, life is fraught
Days are long, but the years they are short
The hope is that they
Will be happy some day
So the love and stress won’t be for nought

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