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Weaknote 2023-07-05

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So… these will never have a regular structure, I think.

I mean, maybe one will emerge. But I think I prefer the idea of their being a little more free-flowing.

Life highlights

  • Having the realisation that I am happy. Or was, when I realised it! I don’t need to have reached “happiness” as I don’t really know what that is - but swinging above and below an average level of contentment is perfectly fine with me.
  • We had an ant invasion. We saw it off. Hooray!
  • I cut my own hair and it turned out OK.
  • I introduced my kids to Thunderbirds (so far just some clips from the original 1960s series). They loved what they saw. Octonauts, Paw Patrol, Go Jetters are so derivative…

Assorted nerdry

  • Moved my WIP scrolly-tabs explainer article to this site instead of Hashnode.
  • Shuffled some subdomains around, in an effort to decouple an older domain from my current web presence.
  • Every now and then I do a little pull request from (or to? It should really be a merge request imho) the GitHub repo. I am a contributor! 🎉


I welcomed these sites into the ring:


I have a day job. Whew!

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