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Weaknote 2023-07-17


Seen some very variable weather since the last weak note. Storms, hot days, colder days.


We finally got to try out the neighbour’s pool after 6 years of living next to it! The previous neighbours were old, unfriendly and litigious (!) and NEVER even used the pool. They aged further, and died leaving no descendants. Then they left their home to their lovely gardeners!

The gardening couple are totally quids-in now, the value of the land the property is on is already worth a very pretty penny (we know how much it cost us to buy a semi-detached place on just 1/3 of the same sized plot), so they’re going to enjoy an excellent retirement :)

Light Reading

Through Bluesky I discovered Sarah McIntyre, the illustrator of the AdventureMice and promptly bought the first in the series, “Otter Chaos”. It’s super cute and just the right balance of text to pictures, to read to our 5.5 year old!

CSS Joy!

New on the Webring

Old on the Webring

Temani Afif already has two sites on the webring, but this week I discovered a treasure trove of further content on!

Enjoy :)

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